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The Heartwood Crown Book Review

Warning! This review contains spoilers for the first book in the series, The Crescent Stone!

Madeline Oliver is back in our world, but her health is quickly failing. The Sunlit Lands are desperate for healing. Some would have the magic reset, others would have it renewed in favor of the Eleneil, and the Scim want its power to seek revenge against the Elenil who enslaved them. Madeline searches for a way to return and reset the magic of the Sunlit Lands before it’s too late. Read the Review

2020 Classics TBR (2/2)

Category: Miscellaneous MusingsGreetings! Here’s Part 2 of the 20 classic books I’m looking forward to reading in 2020. If you missed part one, here it is: 2020 Classics TBR (Part 1/2) Like the previous...

Miscellaneous Musings Vol.1

Category: Miscellaneous MusingsGreetings fellow bookworms! I’m coming to you today with a very informal/rambling post. This is the last post until after Christmas (possibly New Year’s)! May your Christmas be filled with family, friends,...

2020 Classics TBR (Part 1/2)

Category: Miscellaneous MusingsGreetings fellow bookworms! One of my goals for 2020 is to read more intentionally. I love a quality YA or middle grade, but in the busyness of school and social life, it’s...

The Memory Thief Book Review

The Memory Thief Book Review

Julietta Lark is desperate. Desperate to escape her past. Desperate to protect Rhen, an orphan who’s become closer than a sister. And desperate to save her mother from a cruel death. When an opportunity to preserve all that she loves arises, she must return to the Shadows of her past. In a world where memory is currency, turmoil is rising and a revolution is gathering strength. Read the Review

to darkness fled book review

To Darkness Fled Book Review

*Warning! This review may contain spoilers for the first book in the series, By Darkness Hid! Proceed at your own risk!!!*

Achan, Vrell, Sir Gavin, and the Kingsguard knights travel in Darkness to gather an army. Esek and his men are always close behind, however, bringing peril to the Crown Prince and the risk of discovery to Vrell Sparrow. Read the Review

The Story Raider Book Review

This review contains spoilers for The Story Peddler!!! Proceed at your own risk!!!

Tanwen and Gryfelle are slowly succumbing to the curse as More and crew search for the cure. Meanwhile, Braith struggles to maintain her rule of Tir. The dark power behind her father’s reign prepares a new pupil to take his place. Read the Review

Scarlet Moon Book Review

Jayden’s biggest concern is her nearing betrothal to her childhood best friend, Ryan. But after “Feravolk” raid her village searching for her and any other Children of the Blood Moon, she finds herself a fugitive on the run. That is, until she discovers she is one of four Deliverers destined to rescue Soloden from the Mistress of evil. With her companions–Ryan, Logan (a true Feravolk), Ethan, and Westwind (a bonded wolf), she sets out to save the faithful Feravolk and all of Soloden. Read the Review

Cards on the Table Book Review

Mr. Shaitana is a  collector — of fine art, antiques, trinkets, and as he tells Poirot, people. But Mr. Shaitana is fascinated most by the art of murder. Thus, he invites Poirot (and three other sleuths of different kinds) to a dinner party with four murderers. Inevitably, a murder is committed during a bridge game when all four suspects are playing. Read the Review

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!!!

Greetings fellow bookworms! Happy Guy Fawkes Day!!! Today is the day the famed “Gunpowder treason and plot” was to take place! A day shrouded in mystery and conspiracy. Guy Fawkes (and other conspirators) hid...