Wishing on a Supervillain Book Review

Wishing on a Supervillain Book Review

Wishing on a Supervillain
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Published: 2024
Greetings and welcome to my review of Wishing on a Supervillain by H.L. Burke!


It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I doubt anyone’s still here on this little corner of the Internet, but if you are, thank you.

It’s been a long time for long and many reasons, but I’m still hopeful of many reviews to come. Again, I want to apologize to the authors whose wonderful books haven’t been reviewed yet. You are my top priority before other review series coming soon!

I can’t promise the consistency that algorithms demand, but I want to be more focused on quality over quantity anyway. My goal is to post 3 reviews a week, as well as little posts with thoughts or poems or other lovely things. I want to build a community of creatives and readers alike, connecting readers to their new favorite books and authors to their audiences.

For months, I’ve been waiting until I can come back with a thunder of posts and aesthetic reels and beautiful, poetic thoughts, but perfection has never been part of this space anyway.

And on that note, on to the review!

If you’re new to the DOSA-verse where this and so many other stories take place, you can start here as each book in this series is a standalone. But if you’d like a better introduction to the world, I recommend starting with Reformed, and I’ll link some reviews to other DOSA-verse books below!


Nixie isn’t looking for romance, just a way to make a difference. When the opportunity to connect sick kids with their superhero role models appears, she eagerly agrees to help.

Until the requested role model isn’t a hero but a villain, one that Nixie’s fought multiple times herself.

Switch’s life goals are simple, and spending his free time with kids isn’t on the list, but he finds himself enlisted, nonetheless.

Yet both he and Nixie find themselves in for more than they bargained for – the enemies attacking them are formidable, but the feelings that begin to arise as the duo spends more time together are even more dangerous.

Personal Review:

I always love these submersions into a Marvel-esque world when I review H.L. Burke’s work, and this story is no different. While a romcom might not be the expected from a superhero world rife with political corruption and villain battles, the worldbuilding is seamlessly incorporated and pulled me deeper into the story (of course, it helps that I already love this world and am always eager to return to it).

In my experience, characters are one of Burke’s strongest areas in writing. They feel like real humans, not just plot devices. In this story, I especially loved Nixie as our main character. Her innocence is written as a neutral (if not positive) character trait, something that’s rarely seen in modern writing. While she recognizes that sometimes, it leads to undue naivete, it also doesn’t prompt her to begin a negative character arc of becoming more jaded, which was refreshing. The one slightly annoying aspect of her character was her tendency to repeat words or phrases within a phrase, but since I was reading an eARC, I couldn’t hold it against her because it likely got edited out in the final pass.

It may seem like this review is just going to devolve into a handful of character analyses, but if you’ll excuse the fangirling for a moment longer…

I loved the KC and Switch’s dynamic as partners in crime and pranking. Their friendship and how their dynamic changes by scene is usually a good indicator of the tone of the moment, and they bring out the humanity in each other. It’s relationships like these that make villains feel more real than one-dimensional antagonists.

Speaking of humanity, I can’t get enough of seeing the human side of heroes like we do in Burke’s books. It can be so difficult to show weakness in characters for whom physical and moral strength is always demanded, but Burke always does it so well. She strikes the balance between humor and human, highlighting moments of irony as well. Plus, there are so many golden Gen Z-isms and references to meme culture in Burke’s books, and they never fail to make me laugh.

There were occasional moments that didn’t land as well for me, but on the whole, it was a delightful time. Burke’s books are unique and genuine while also being exciting and cinematic.

I’ve learned so much about the craft of writing from reading her books over the years, and I’m planning on making a post (or maybe a series?) soon about what I’ve learned from her and other indie authors.

Bottom line:

If you love Marvel as much as The Proposal, this is the story for you!

Content Review:

Language – mild:  a–, d–n, b——d, h—, a couple uses of “bs,” etc.

Sexual – Nix’s boss inappropriately tries to pursue her despite a wide age gap; references to one-night stands

Other – References to illicit drugs/overdoses

Before We Part Ways:

  • I received an eARC of Wishing on a Supervillain in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!
  • If this is your first introduction to the DOSA-verse, here are some reviews for books that would be great places to start!

Reformed Book Review – This is the first story set in the DOSA-verse, and the first place I’d recommend starting! I think it reads most like NA (new adult), and it’s a superhero story you won’t soon forget!

Power On Blog Tour/Book Review – Power On is the first book in her YA series and includes some characters from her main series. If you’re a younger reader, this might be the best place to start!

That’s all for now – farewell!