Publisher: Enclave Publishing

to darkness fled book review

To Darkness Fled Book Review

Engaging and fast-paced, this book continues the story from the first book but adds immense depth. The writing is descriptive and the story compelling. Achan and Vrell’s characters continue to develop and the changing POVs are consistent and easy to follow.

The Story Raider Book Review

Categories: Fantasy, The Weaver Trilogy, YAAuthor: Lindsay A. FranklinSeries: The Weaver TrilogyPublisher: Enclave PublishingPublished: 2019This is your warning! This review contains spoilers for The Story Peddler!!! Proceed at your own risk!!! Tanwen and Gryfelle...

Scarlet Moon Book Review

Categories: Children of the Blood Moon Trilogy, Fantasy, YAAuthor: S.D. GrimmSeries: Children of the Blood MoonPublisher: Enclave PublishingPublished: 2016Jayden’s biggest concern is her nearing betrothal to her childhood best friend, Ryan. But after “Feravolk”...


The Story Peddler Book Review

Tanwen En-Yestin is a young story-peddler who spends her days telling “crowned” stories that form crystallized figurines to be sold. Traveling from town to town, she dreams of the day when she might become the Royal Storyteller. But one day, words of treason sip into her story and Tanwen becomes a fugitive.

By Darkness Hid Book Review

Achan Cham is a stray-orphaned and lower than a peasant. In love with a girl he can never marry and tormented by the town ruffians. But one day, the renowned Sir Gavin Lukos appears and trains Achan as his squire. A surprising twist sends him and a band of old Kingsguards on a mission to save the kingdom from the clutches of the pompous Prince Gidon. Read the Review