Author: Agatha Christie

Cards on the Table Book Review

Mr. Shaitana is a  collector — of fine art, antiques, trinkets, and as he tells Poirot, people. But Mr. Shaitana is fascinated most by the art of murder. Thus, he invites Poirot (and three other sleuths of different kinds) to a dinner party with four murderers. Inevitably, a murder is committed during a bridge game when all four suspects are playing. Read the Review

The Secret Adversary Book Review

Tommy and Tuppence, run into each other and meet for lunch, each sharing how the end of the war has plunged them into dire financial straits. The two form the Young Adventures Ltd. (as they are both young, broke, and in need of an adventure) and advertise that no offer or mission is refused. However, they soon find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy that could destroy England if they fail to take down the elusive Mr. Brown and his cohorts. Read the Review

The Mysterious Affair at Styles Book Review

Captain Arthur Hastings is on leave from the army when he runs into an old friend – John Cavendish. John invites Hastings to his home, Styles, for a peaceful retreat. But when his stepmother, Emily Inglethorp, is murdered, confusion ensues…until the arrival of Hercule Poirot and his little grey cells, that is! Read the Review