Back to Me Cover Reveal

Back to Me Cover Reveal

Back to Me
Published: 2022
Greetings and welcome to the cover reveal for Michaela Bush's new book, Back to Me!


I meant to publish this post on July 26th, the official date for the cover reveal, but unforeseen life circumstances prevented it, so my sincere apologies to the author!

Any time I post about or review Michaela Bush’s books, I rave about how engaging they are. In fact, if not for her, I’d never have started reading contemporary fiction!

So when I saw that she’s releasing a new contemporary novel, I knew I wanted to be on every publicity team for it!

Today, I’m excited to share the cover reveal for said contemporary, Back to Me!


I’m not me anymore. 

Bridget Owens spends her days working and her nights trying to escape the nightmare she was born into. One year after leaving her old life, she still sees ghosts, hears threats, feels nails digging into her flesh, and can’t sleep unless she wants to wake up sobbing. Her memories become a graveyard of who she once was, and she nurtures it daily until she reaches her breaking point. 

When Nick, a childhood friend, suggests help at the last moment, she finds it hard to sit across from a counselor who says he cares. She finds it impossible to trust anything, even herself. She’s broken, and she isn’t sure how to put the pieces back together. What if they never fit right anymore?

A story of redemption, calling, healing, and recovery. 

Back To Me: A Contemporary Christian Novel, releasing October 25, 2022. 


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Before You Go:

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That’s all for now!

I have some content coming soon (if the timing surrounding some major life changes allows) that I can’t wait to share with y’all, so thanks for sticking around in the meantime!