Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag

Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag


So yes, it’s not really the middle of the year anymore. And yes, I don’t usually do tags. But I decided to do this one to give y’all an idea of what you can expect (in terms of reviews) for the second half of 2020! There are a lot of different versions of this tag, so I went with the first one I saw. I’ll probably do some of the questions and then add a few of my own or take out some. Oh, and there are Amazon links to purchase any books you’re interested in, and I’ve included links to my review (if I’ve reviewed it yet)!

So without further ado…

Best book you’ve read in 2020:

Ooh, so many good books! For this, I’ll do a fiction and a non-fiction read. 

Fiction: Cry of the Raven by Morgan L. Busse (The final book in the Ravenwood Saga)



Review to come! But if you’re interested in this amazing fantasy series, here’s the review for the first book:

Mark of the Raven Book Review

Nonfiction: Book Girl: A Journey Through the Treasures and Transforming Powers of a Reading Life by Sarah Clarkson

Book Girl is an amazing compilation of lists and mini-essays about the importance and beauty of being a Book Girl.



Review to come!

New releases you haven’t read yet but want to:

Oh so many! Although it’s nearly impossible to narrow them all down, I’ll just tell you about one here to save you from scrolling endlessly!

The Story Hunter – Lindsay A. Franklin (The third book in the Weaver Trilogy)



If you’re intrigued by the concept of stories taking physical form and a magic system revolving around storytelling, this might be the series for you! I’ve reviewed the first two books, and here’s a link to the review for the first one, The Story Peddler:

The Story Peddler Book Review


Most anticipated releases for the second half of the year: 

Again, there are so many! But in an effort to spare you hours of reading (the blog post, not the books 😉 ), I’ll just touch on

Dust – Kara Swanson {A Peter Pan retelling/continuation coming out this month (07/21/20)!}



Songflight– Michelle M. Bruhn {A clean YA dragon fantasy/epic adventure! The author so kindly invited me to read and review an eARC, and I greatly enjoyed it! Review to come after its release on August 21!}



Biggest disappointment: 

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – J.K. Rowling (yes, it was my first time reading this. I’ll write a full review soon, but I was underwhelmed overall)


Biggest surprise:

Sherwood – Megan Spooner




If you’re excited by the prospect of an atmospheric Robin Hood retelling, check out my review here:

Sherwood Book Review

Favorite new author (debut or new to you):

Just one? That’s impossible! Nevertheless, I’ll attempt it!

Hmm, Michelle M. Bruhn (Songflight) and Kate Milford (Greenglass House)


Newest favorite character:

Milo from Greenglass House




Here’s my review:

Greenglass House Book Review

Alísa from Songflight (or any of the dragons in the story)

(links above)

Book that made you happy:

Cress-Marissa Meyer {It’s just a fun ride and long enough to make me feel accomplished when I finish!}




Review to come! But I’ve reviewed the first book in the series, Cinder: 

Cinder Book Review


Favorite book to film adaptation you’ve seen this year: 

Ooh, I’m drawing a blank on this one. I haven’t seen many adaptations this half of the year. I’m going to go with the Hamilton film because it was inspired by a biography (which I haven’t read but would love to). I’ll definitely post some obligatory Hamilton appreciation posts soon. 🙂


Favorite review you’ve written this year: 

Hmm, probably Moonscript, The Heartwood Crown, or one of the Mysterious Benedict Society posts I did. 

Moonscript Book Review + Blog Tour!

The Heartwood Crown Book Review

The Mysterious Benedict Society Book Review

Most beautiful book you’ve bought or received this year: 

One would be Cry of the Raven by Morgan L. Busse. I also got a gorgeous hardcover omnibus of Alexandre Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo, The Three Musketeers, and The Man in the Iron Mask from a thrift store that I’m looking forward to reading in the second half of the year. 


What books do you need to read by the end of the year: 

So many!! 

One, in particular, is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I just found out that the fall play my drama club is doing is Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberly, so I’m definitely planning on reading some Jane Austen and other books set in the same time period. 


And, one that I’m adding just for kicks and giggles: What classics off of my Classics TBR have I actually read?

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (almost finished)

Beowulf  translated by Seamus Heaney

Wow! That’s…it, I guess.

I clearly have a LOT more reading to do, so I’ll leave it at that! 

Farewell for now!