The Crownless King Book Review

The Crownless King Book Review

The Crownless King
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Published: 2020
Greetings! Welcome to my review of The Crownless King by Kara Linaburg!
4.8Overall Score

The Crownless King

Greetings! Welcome to my review of The Crownless King by Kara Linaburg!Read the Review

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First off, I’m back! I know I’ve done a lot of cover reveals and that sort of thing for the past few weeks, but I’m hoping to do more consistent reviews for a bit too! So without further ado…


Sabriel is torn between her loyalty to the enigmatic Tirich, the leader of the Knights of Norcir, to whom she has sworn her allegiance and the pressing feeling that their mission may be less than honorable in intent. Milosh is king, but in name only. In reality, he finds himself fighting a losing battle for the soul of his kingdom.

Personal Review: 4.5 Stars

Where to begin? This book captured my attention and held it captive until the very last page!

The Crownless King is such a unique masterpiece in the bookish world! Each character has deeply rooted motivations for every action. The cast of characters is compelling and relatable, even though the story takes place in a world quite different from ours.

Sure, there are moments of darkness and doubt, but there are also joyous and snarky moments that kept me engaged until the end. The themes range from friendship to trauma to justice, and all are handled with grace and masterful writing.

The world Kara Linaburg has created is rich and easy to imagine and fall in love with.

On to the characters! Sabriel is perhaps my favorite character, but Nick is a close second, okay Milosh is amazing too, can you tell I love nearly every character?  Each character is masterfully crafted, and their innermost desires and motivations are relatable (and often heartbreaking!).

Finally, The Crownless King was just fun to read! Every time I reluctantly stepped away, I eagerly anticipated coming back and rejoining the cast! I didn’t realize that The Crownless King is the second book in a series when I signed up to read an ARC. However, I was able to follow along just as well as if it was a standalone! And now I can’t wait to pick up the first book, The Broken Prince!

I was given an ARC of The Crownless King  in exchange for an honest review; all opinions are my own. 🙂

Content Review:


– B—–d when referring to an illegitimate child

– The British swear word “bloody” is used a couple times

– Some implied swearing

Sexual – Brief mentions of women being violated


– Frequent descriptions of blood and wounds, but nothing above PG-13

– References to destiny

– A few references to dark spells and witchcraft, but they are never seen in a positive light


– Older characters drink at a tavern and smoke pipes.


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