The Rivers Lead Home and Other Stories Cover Reveal

The Rivers Lead Home and Other Stories Cover Reveal

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Greetings! Join me in celebrating the cover reveal for The Rivers Lead Home and Other Stories by Emily Hayse, a short story collection that takes place in the award-winning storyworld of Seventh City!

Welcome to another cover reveal! Today, I’m sharing the cover for Emily Hayse’s new short story collection entitled The Rivers Lead Home and Other Stories! It takes place in the same world as Seventh City (yet another book on my never-ending TBR!).

Without further ado…

Isn’t it beautiful?!

Here’s the blurb:

“You see, Maki, that’s the thing about the rivers. They’re like the blood-lines in your hands…. If you lose

your way, follow the river downstream and you’ll always find your way back.”

In The Rivers Lead Home, Emily Hayse explores new frontiers, digging deeper into the land and the
characters first introduced in her award-winning novel Seventh City. This collection of twelve short
stories features beloved characters like Maki, Tsanu, Willow, Ransom, Laramie, Rutter, and Jeremiah, as
well as introducing new characters like Spruce Norman, Mollie at Heart’s End, and the mysteriously
lucky dog-driver Epirvikk Heft. From lazy nights at the Pick and Collarbone to dog-races on the frozen
tundra to the adventures of a young mapmaker in the jungles of Havast, these stories are full of laughter, surprises, brushes with glory, and heartwarmingly ordinary humanity.

Interested? It releases on November 17, 2020!

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Here are Emily Hayse’s media handles:
Instagram: @songofheroes

Twitter: @theherosinger

Facebook: /theherosinger



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