Blood Secrets Cover Reveal

Blood Secrets Cover Reveal

Blood Secrets
Published: 2022
Greetings and welcome to the cover reveal for Morgan L. Busse's Blood Secrets!


If you’ve been a visitor to the realm of BookishMusings for a while, you’ll recognize the name “Morgan L. Busse.” As the author of one of my all-time favorite series (The Ravenwood Saga), I was so excited when she released the first book in a new YA dystopian series from Enclave Publishing! It’s called the Skyworld series, and the first book, Secrets in the Mist, was the suspenseful steampunk read everyone needs in their lives.

Today, I’m thrilled to get to share the cover for book 2 in the series, Blood Secrets!

Without further ado…

Isn’t it beautiful?! I love the color scheme and how the details tie into the cover for book 1!

Here’s the summary:

Not everyone wants to see the world saved . . .

Time is running out. Cities are being engulfed in the Mist and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Theo believes he has found a way to stop mankind from Turning, but he doesn’t know how to alter Cass’s unique blood into a cure. Or if it can even be done.

Meanwhile, Cass struggles with the idea that she is possibly the savior of the world — a world she is not sure is worth saving.

From the Winchester manse to the steel city of Decadenn, there is something more chasing Cass than the House of Lords or the masked man who can walk in the Mist. Soon she must decide if she will use her blood to save mankind or let those who only care about themselves perish.


Blood Secrets releases from Enclave Publishing in August 2022!


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That’s all for now!

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