The Secret Keepers Book Review

The Secret Keepers
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Published: 2017-02-02
When Reuben discovers an old pocket watch, he soon realizes it holds an incredible power: it can turn you invisible for fifteen minutes. And the watch's power is even more extraordinary than he knows. Soon, he's on the run from a despot determined to possess it for himself ...

The Secret Keepers-Trenton Lee Stewart

Little, Brown and Company


501 pages

Personal Review-4 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was slightly predictable and bore many resemblances to The Mysterious Benedict Society, but it still felt unique. On that note, however, the book lacked the strong emphasis on friendship and respect for adults (though both books are centered somewhat on kid power) found in MBS. But it still had the elements I loved from Stewart’s other works: courage, ingenuity, and good vs. evil. The setting was unique and interesting. Despite its faults, this was a suspenseful, clean, quick, and enjoyable read perfect for fans of Stewart’s other work.

Content Review-


Jack and a few other characters occasionally swear, but the book doesn’t use specific words
A character uses God’s name in vain




Fate and destiny are briefly discussed


It’s said in passing that someone commits suicide but no details are given.
Brandy and blackjack are talked about.