The Choosing Book Review

The Choosing Book Review

The Choosing
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Published: 2015

Personal Review:

Okay, I’ll admit, I expected this series to just be another YA dystopian series. It even sounds a bit like The Selection (even though I’ve yet to read it). I mean, a girl is trapped in a society where she’s forced into a tier system that dehumanizes her and other women? Just sounds like another cheesy, angsty YA.

But The Choosing has more dystopian elements than romance or YA in my opinion. In fact, it evaluates and examines the idea and dangers of a society where religion is not only controlled by the government but regulated and forced upon its inhabitants.

It’s dark and gritty, not shying away from the darker side of a dystopian society. Again, I was worried that as it’s Christian Fiction it would stray into the territory of becoming overly preachy and missing out on the opportunity to tell a story, but my fears were unfounded.

The characters are compelling and full of depth. Carrington grows so much throughout just this first book! Even the minor characters are so thoroughly written! The Authority Knight reminds me of Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, obsessed with a warped and untrue system of justice and the woman he lustfully desires.

The government’s religion is akin to Christianity and yet immensely far from the truth. It devalues women as well as the individual, making the betterment of society (especially through obedience to a corrupt government) its idol.

Heartwrenching and thrilling all at once, I would recommend this book for maybe 15+. There are some mature themes and definitely some abuse concepts to be aware of. Overall, can’t wait to read the next one and see where the story goes. Underrated and under talked about! 

Content Review:

Language – some minor language like freaking, etc.


– A couple kisses, but they’re not too descriptive or passionate

– A couple of men approach Carrington in an alley outside of the factory where she works, and it’s clear they’re there for nefarious purposes.

– References to “sexual temptations”.

– A guard jokingly asks Remko if he’s visiting his boyfriend.


– Some graphic violence and descriptions of dead bodies/descriptions of torture

– A character physically and verbally abuses Carrington and other Lint women.


– The Authority Knight reads from the Veritas, and while it’s implied to be the Bible, it’s never explicitly said if it is or if certain passages have been copied into the Veritas and the rest is written by man. Many verses are quoted from the Bible as well.

– I discussed it more in the personal review, but the government system is based on a warped religion now barely reminiscent of Christianity although it is its basis. However, the government has wandered far form the truth and corrupted the message of redemption found in the Bible.

– The Authority Knight kisses a holy ring.


– A minor character/villain commits suicide with something in a syringe.

– A couple of characters smoke.

– Isaac’s mom had a mental illness, and after his father dies, she commits suicide.


Truth, family, love, sacrifice, redemption, corruption,  innocence, justice, freedom, courage


  • “Do not be lost, my daughter; know how truly precious you are even in the face of darkness.”
  • “Fear is an illusion…No, I can’t say I don’t feel fear, but that’s because life is a series of forgetting and remembering. Only when I forget who I am does the fear invade. I just have to remember… This is all a game, Carrington. Don’t you see how trapped in lies they have you? Do you honestly believe that this is the life you were created to live? That this is the way your true Father intended for you to live? That your choices are invalid or that your worth is measurable?”


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