2021 Goals

2021 Goals

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Greetings! Here are my goals for the new year!


No new book reviews this week! Instead, I’m going to keep it simple with a 2021 Blog Goals post and a 2020 Wrap-Up!

So today, I’ll talk a bit about where I want to take the blog in 2021 (and, admittedly, it turned into a bit of a State of the Bookish Musings as well)


This year, I’ve been trying to post 3 reviews a week (on Tues, Thurs, Sat) and then post quotes on Instagram on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

If you’ve stuck around for any amount of time, you know that very rarely happens. Life gets in the way, and frankly, I’m ok with that. This blog isn’t my highest priority, and if it comes down to spending time with friends and family or blogging, I’d choose the former any day.

But! Blogging is something I enjoy, so I want to stick to some semblance of a schedule. Growing up, library trips were a nearly weekly event, and I’d walk out with as many books as I could carry. However, my parents were usually concerned with the content of what I was reading, and with good reason! Public libraries don’t exactly focus on holding back on cuss words, inappropriate scenes, or gore; plus, the teen section was located next to the kids section, so odds were materials got mixed every once in a while. The big review sites sometimes missed the lesser-known releases and vice versa. So part of the intention of this blog is to provide the resource I wish I (and my parents) had when I was younger. As I got older, I wanted to research the books I read myself and to take more responsibility for my reading diet. So this is also a place that readers can research books for themselves too.

So something I’ve started doing is putting the personal review at the top of the post. That way, you can see what I thought (and maybe get a feel for the content) before you get to that section, and you can decide if that’s an area you want to venture to if you’re younger.

What’s new:

In 2021, I want to still focus on posting reviews, but as fun as that is, I also have other interests that I’d love to bring to this space. So here’s the plan:

  • At least 2 reviews a week (with the intent of at least one YA and one Middle-Grade in a normal week, but who knows?)
  • Plays: I love a good script, and since I’m a part of drama club and a loyal thespian, I thought I’d review some scripts here! I do some competitions that require me to look through scripts, so why not post my thoughts and reviews? Scripts are such a cool form of literature, and I’d love to share some of that passion, so expect some script reviews, ramblings, and theater nostalgia this year.
  • Songs: Some songs just hit you right in the feels, and I’d love to share some playlists for books or just breakdowns of my favorite songs! I don’t really know what else to say about this category so…expect some random song ramblings!
  • And to tie that last two together: Broadway! There are so many shows I love and can’t wait to talk/ramble about! So many themes to dissect and characters to cry over! So Saturdays will sometimes be Showtune Saturdays (hopefully about once a month). If the show was based on a book, I’ll try to review it sometime earlier in the week, and on Saturday, I’ll do a brief content review (if you’re thinking of listening to the show) and talk about the show overall. If there are songs/lines/themes I want to talk about more, then maybe I’ll make a short blog series for it!
  • TV Shows/Movies: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is probably my all-time favorite show (or at least up there), so I want to have some posts dedicated to certain episodes and themes and all that good stuff. Plus, I love old movies (and Marvel movies), so I think it’d be fun to talk about some.

That’s about it! My next post will pretty much just be a list of all the books I’ve read this year, but I’m looking forward to being nostalgic and reflecting on 2020.

Until next time!