100 Cupboards Book Review

100 Cupboards Book Review

100 Cupboards
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Illustrator: None
Published: 2007
Greetings and welcome to my review of 100 Cupboards by N.D. Wilson!
4.3Overall Score

100 Cupboards

Greetings and welcome to my review of 100 Cupboards by N.D. Wilson! Read the Review

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Henry York’s parents, both travel journalists, have been kidnapped! So their sheltered son is sent to live with an aunt and uncle in Henry, Kansas. But when pieces of plaster start to fall off the wall of his secluded attic room, Henry discovers a wall of cupboards, each a portal to another world. 

Content Review: 




-Some fantasy violence (small wounds, blood, etc.)


-There is an evil witch and the occasional reference to magic.




-Some adults drink beer at a barbeque


Personal Review: 

*Note: My enjoyment of this book and its subtle moments of beauty and humor was doubtless eclipsed by reading the majority of it at the DMV*


This book is somewhat slow for the first 150 pages, but I still found it enjoyable. While this was not the most complicated book I have ever read, it was entertaining and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the series holds. Three of the characters were introduced very quickly, and it was sometimes difficult to keep them straight. At times, it has a mysterious/creepy tone that could deter younger readers. On the whole, however, the characters were likable and the story was easy to follow, with enough plot twists to keep one interested. Full of intrigue, danger, and an occasional eerie tone, it’s an escapade you’ll fly through. This clean adventure would be perfect for tweens and up.