The Crescent Stone Book Review

The Crescent Stone Book Review

The Crescent Stone
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Published: 2018-08-07
When Madeline, a teen with terminal lung disease, accepts healing in exchange for a year of service in the Sunlit Lands, she and her friend Jason enjoy being privileged members of Elenil society, until they learn that magic carries a high price.

Content Review:

The Majestic One/ the Peasant King is referenced, and he seems to represent God in some ways.
Shula’s father was a Christian pastor in Syria.
Some brief references to necromancers.
Sexual –
Madeline and Darius occasionally kiss in flashback scenes (nothing too passionate).

Some battle wounds.

Some older characters drink occasionally.

Personal Review:

This book is equal parts thought-provoking and entertaining. It reads fast but made me pause and think. One of the main themes is racial injustice but (although the book definitely had its cliché moments), it was handled with respect. Well-written and with likable characters, this book’s world-building is excellent and hints dropped in this book are expanded upon in the next one. The author builds unique cultures with rich histories that leave the reader intrigued and engaged.

With snarky, memorable characters, it had the perfect level of humor and heart. I was a little concerned there would be an annoying love triangle, but this book proved that there can be a friendship in YA that doesn’t need to turn into a romance. One thing I didn’t like (but didn’t dislike) was that I guessed a plot twist pretty early in the book. But alas! Because of some of the more mature themes (love, racial injustice, chronic illness, justice, etc.), I would recommend this mostly clean book for teens.

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